English – Principle of Teaching – Part 3

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English – Principle of Teaching – Part 3

1. imitate reading means


2. What is the core of learning


3. The concept of motivation was given by


4. The teacher should try to expose students to an environment loaded with foreign language by doing so he is following the


5. Motivation is a process of


6. What is called interest


7. What is advance organiser


8. Incentive techniques of languages teaching includes


9. The terms phonetic grouping grammatical grouping cement grouping and structure grouping are related to


10. The principle of gradation based upon


11. Choose the correct answer


12. Which skills should be tested


13. Selection of the language material to be taught is the first request of good teaching

Which one of the following should not be involved in selection of new language items


14. Teacher do not need to present all new words in a text before the students while reading it they can———- the meaning of many words from the context


15. What is the characteristics that distinguishes a test from other types of measurement


16. Basically language is a form of activity and one Learns a language through


17. Indian learners of English generally suffer from the following weakness


18. Which principle of teaching a foreign language is considered to be the core of learning principle of


19. What are the special techniques required to motivate students to learn the foreign language


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