Unseen Poem Collection Poem 10

Poem 10

Directions : (Q. Nos. 1 – 6) Read the poem carefully and answer the following questions.

I do not understand this child
Though we have lived together now
In the same house for years. I know
Nothing of him, so try to build
Up a relationship from how
He was when small. Yet have I killed
The seed I spent or swon it where
The land is his and none of mine?
We speak like strangers, there’s no sign
Of understanding in the air.
This child is built to my design
Yet what he loves I cannot share,
Silence surrounds us. I would have
Him prodigal, returning to
His father’s house, the home he knew,
Rather than see him make and move

His world. I would forgive him too,
Shaping from sorrow a new love.
Father and son, we both must live
On the same globe and the same land.
He speaks: I cannot understand
Myself, why anger grows from grief.
We each put out an empty hand,
Longing for something to forgive.

1. What is the name of the poem from which these lines have been extracted?


2. The poem seems to be


3. This poem deals with


4. This poem deals with


5. The father’s helplessness is brought out very


6. The rhyme scheme is


7. Identify the phrase or line that indicates distance between father and son.


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