English – Principle of Teaching – Part 1

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English – Principle of Teaching – Part 1

1. Active vocabulary consists of words which


2. Which of these is not the principle of teaching English


3. Word Can display how many words come in


4. According to the criteria of learnability things should be taught considering age of students in principle of


5. Which of these tell us about the sequence of grouped matter to be taught


6. The correct way of introducing a lesson to students come under the principle of


7. A language involves


8. In the principle of———— the teacher should prepare suitable atmosphere in classroom is forced


9. Which principle of emphasis on model model reading by the teacher


10. Pronunciation drill is focused in principle of


11. Choral reading by students is forced in principle of


12. Asking questions related to lessons focused on


13. The principle of gradation


14. A teacher is training its learners in English grammar first she explains the different parts of sentence and she teaches synthesis of sentences so that our learners can easily understand the concept she is following the principle of


15. Selection of language items while determining the second language syllabus should take into account


16. Which one of the following is not included under the principle of English teaching


17. The criteria to choose a particular course for a particular class is called


18. Words which are used frequently should be chosen to teach English this is kept in mind in the principle of


19. Which principle of teaching English is based on the assumption that if knowledge is gained through practical experience then it can be store in mind permanently


20. According to which principle of teaching phonetic coding grammar Rote memorization inferring linguistic rules and patterns should be developed in the students


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