English test 12– REET 2016 Paper Based

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English test 12– REET 2016 Paper Based

1. sessions of sweet salient thought


2. the correct example of Metaphor


3. He is ill. He ____ sees a doctor.


4. He is angry _______me.


5. Elegy is a


6. The subject matter of the sonnet is


7. Drama differs from poetry as


8. Diphthongs are


9. Does not have /i:/ sound


10. How many there are in English


11. Not true about Language Acquisition?


12. Evaluation does not ascertain


13. Which of the following is not part of the traditional classroom?


14. To motivate and create interest among children Harold Palmer does not suggest


15. Error correction does not require


16. Which one of the following skills will not be strengthened by using textbook as material for teaching?


17. One should not learn English because


18. Natural approach of learning language was developed by


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