Idioms and Phrases Test 4 English

Please attempt the test given below.

1. To lose one’s head


2. By the skin of one’s teeth


3. To throw down the glove


4. To be in abeyance


5. To cast pearls before a swine


6. A chip off the old block


7. To smell a rat


8. To take people by storm


9. To throw up the sponge


10. Harp on


11. To catch somebody on the hop


12. To spill the beans


13. To bring one’s eggs to a bad market


14. To hit below the belt


15. To get cold feet


16. To take a leap in the dark


17. To give/get the bird


18. To be at daggers drawn


19. To turn up one’s nose at a thing


20. To save one’s face


21. To wash one’s dirty linen in public


22. A lady’s man


23. To throw dust in one’s eyes


24. To throw dust in one’s eyes


25. To be rolling in money


26. To draw a line


27. To break the ice.


28. A raw deal


29. Spick and span


30. It will be wise on your part to let bygones be bygones. .


31. The politician was able to sway the mob with his gift of the gab.


32. At parties he is always in high spirits. .


33. He was in the doldrums after the quarrel with the brother.


34. One cannot understand the themes in the poetry of Shelley unless one reads between the
lines. .


35. He promised to stand by me through thick and thin.


36. The idiom ‘break the ice’ means-


37. To smell a rat’ means-


38. ‘Achilles heel’ means-


39. Salad days’ means-


40. The idiom ‘At one’s fingertips’ means


41. To weather the storm‘ means


42. To pull through‘ means


43. A fish out of water’ means


44. ‘A wild goose chase’ is


45. Make hay while the sunshine’s means


46. To bank upon‘ means


47. Need of the hour‘ means-


48. The directories of the company put their heads together to solve the problem


49. A wild goose chase


50. A wolf in sheep’s clothing


51. A dead letter


52. In a jiffy


53. There is a no smoke without fire


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