English – Principle of Teaching – Part 2

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English – Principle of Teaching – Part 2

1. Which principle of language teaching considered as practice and drill necessary for writing language


2. English language should be taught in a sequence as listening speaking reading writing this is followed in


3. According to which principle of teaching teacher should give equal attention to each aspect of learning receptive or productive


4. If our teacher creates meaningful situation in out of the class and provides adequate opportunities for learners to listen language and then to use it at an appropriate situation he is following


5. When the words are grouped according to the situation it is called


6. Which principle focuses the correct way of introducing the lesson to the students


7. Which principle of teaching implies bravity


8. If sounds or utterance made by a child are not responded for a long time the child becomes disinterested its curing is an example of


9. English language occupies the place in India


10. Which of the following principles are used by the teacher before classroom teaching


11. Which of two are for during classroom teaching


12. Which of the following is not the criteria for the principle of selection


13. Which is not the criteria for the selection of structure


14. Which was the the criteria where a word can be used through a number of situation the criteria is


15. What does selection mean


16. Gradation means


17. There are are how many criteria for the principle of gradation


18. Semantic grouping is


19. Lexical grouping is


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