Idioms and Phrases Test 1 for REET

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1. To draw the line


2. To break the ice


3. A raw deal


4. Spick and span


5. It will be wise on your part to let bygones be bygones.


6. The politician was able to sway the mob with his gift of the gab


7. At parties he is always in high spirits


8. He was in the doldrums after the quarrel with the brother.


9. One cannot understand the themes in the poetry of Shelley unless one reads between
the lines.


10. He promised to stand by me through thick and thin.


11. The idiom ‘break the ice‘ means-


12. To smell a rat‘ means-


13. Achilles heel‘ means-


14. Salad days‘ means-


15. The idiom ‘At one’s fingertips‘ means-


16. To weather the storm‘ means-


17. To pull through‘ means-


18. A fish out of water‘ means-


19. A wild goose chase’ is-


20. ‘Make hay while the sunshine’s means


21. To bank upon‘ means-


22. ‘Need of the hour‘ means-


23. The directors of company put their heads together to solve the problem.


24. A wild goose chase


25. A wolf in sheep’s clothing


26. A dead letter


27. In a jiffy


28. There is a no smoke without fire


29. To turn over a new leaf


30. A fair crack of the whip


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