English – Multilingualism Test – 1

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In this test , Multilngualism test is asked 10 questions, Please attempt this test and Check your score. Don’t forget to share your score with your friends. Also try other test on Reet website.

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Multilingualism Test – 1

1. a teacher in rural area finds more than 5 languages being spoken by children in her classroom, she attempts to use all the language of children in her teaching what is this


2. in learning a new language , Multilingualsim is


3. which among the following are the importance of multilingual approach


4. someone who speaks reads , writes and understands english hindi bangali tamil etc He is


5. which among the following is necesarry to make school environment friendlier towards multilingualism-


6. chosse the disadvantage of multilingualism


7. which of the following is not correct?


8. multilingualism helps in


9. multilingualism as a resource means


10. multilingualism is a strategy means


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