English test 6 – Idiom and Phrases

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In this test, we added 15 questions of Phrasal verbs which was previously covered in old syllabus. According to new syllabus, it is removed. But you can be more confident by solving this small test. This is very good test. I hope you will share this test and check also other English tests that linked below or using Table of contents above.

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English test 6 – Idiom and Phrases

1. The bank……… my application expedite home loan


2. The rains…. Very early this year


3. The doctor told her (to carry on) with the treatment,


4. The thieves broke into the bank in the middle of the night


5. If you blow on candle,it


6. The aircraft crashed and…… flames


7. Fire during the night


8. Our water supply has been….


9. These old houses are going to be


10. Firefighters soon _____the Fire____


11. It is always prudent to lay out some money for Unforseen expenses


12. back out means


13. god helps those who….


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