English – Principle of Teaching – Part 4

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English – Principle of Teaching – Part 4

1. Principle of selection are based on assumption that the whole system of the language


2. The principle of frequency implies


3. What is the meant by of the principle of range


4. The principle of coverage implies


5. Learnability implies


6. The principle of grouping involves


7. We can group material on the basis of meaning under one head this type of grouping is called


8. What is the principle of Sequencing


9. What type of structure should be taught first according to grammatical sequence


10. What is lexical sequence


11. Semantic sequence means

It is done according to


12. What are the variables of language teaching


13. What are the criteria on which language test should be carefully designed


14. Why should the test be taken


15. What is tested in test by the language teacher


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