English – Communicative Language Teaching 40 questions

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Communicative Language Teaching 50 questions

1. Communication is a


2. Which one of the role of the teacher in CLT


3. Communication approach of IELTS emphasizes on


4. Which one of is not correct about CLT


5. Communicative teaching is based on theory


6. The authentic activities of CLT


7. What is knowledge that enables a person to communicate functionally and interactively


8. What is knowledge that enables a person to communicate functionally and interactively


9. Which one is not an activity used in CLT


10. One is not a principle of clt


11. Disadvantage of CLT


12. The linguist noam chomsky maintains that every child has a net language a question that he used for


13. Communicative language teaching replaced basically


14. The primary object of using role play age


15. A child centred classroom is characterized by


16. The following one page systematic attention to functional as well as structural aspects of language combining these into a more only communicative view


17. In CLT the learner is concerned with


18. Linguistic is


19. Communicative abilities are


20. The term communicative competence is defined as


21. Accuracy in writing means


22. What is fluency


23. Audio lingual approach is directly based on


24. Which is the principle of communicative methodology


25. Learning by doing is the Cardinal tenet of which principle of communicative methodology


26. In which principle of communicative methodology nikaalen criticism criticism does not matter at all


27. What are the process of communication


28. Communicative activities include


29. Among the classroom activities role play and simulation are highly suitable vehicles to use in a communicative approach to language teaching for


30. In role play a learners are expected to Tu


31. Role playIs an activity for promoting


32. When students learn a language for bright employment opportunities their motivation is


33. Communication word was derived


34. Communicative approach was introduced in


35. Communicative approach is


36. In communicative approach English is learnt by


37. Communicative approach is


38. Who propagated the communicated approach


39. In communicative English language teaching the leg the teacher acts as a in sitting up communicative activities as an advisor during the activities


40. According to the Vedas and the best way of imparting grammatical competence is


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