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ENGLISH NOTES For REET – Figure of speech

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In this post we will discuss about the figure of speech mentioned in the syllabus of REET 2021 in Language 1 and 2 also. Please read and take notes of short and sweet topic “Figure of speech” . These notes are my own handwritten notes, I typed for you. Please read below.


ALLITERATION is a figure of speech belonging to sound devices in English literature. It involves repetition of the same sound at frequent interval in the same line; for example , in the lines from The ancient Mariner’s by ST Coleridge “The fair breeze blew, the white foam flew/ the Furrow followed free” the repeated bs and fs make the lines run quickly and give impression of a ship travelling at high speed. At the same time the lines, when read aloud, create a great musical effect and sooth the ears of listeners.


Assonance is a vocalic rhyme where similarity between the vowel sound in the words used in line of prose and poetry but the final consonant sound is different. The structure of this figure of speech is CVC and CVC. Examples are

  1. Let the cat out of the bag
  2. A stich in time saves nine.
  3. fare youth beneath the trees, thou can’t leave your song Nor shall trees be bare
  4. he was about to shout when he saw a round cloud
  5. o my dear , come near, without fear
  6. thou unravished bride of quietness foster child of silence and slow time.
  7. The these delights my mind move.
  8. The early bird catches the worm
  9. I must confess that in my quest, I felt depressed.
  10. The Squeaky wheel gets the grease.


Metaphor is a figure of speech belonging to sense devices in English literature. It is rather like a simile except that he comparison is not direct but implied. The words “like” and “as” are not used as marks of identification. The poet does not say that one object is like other; he says it is another. The example ” he is as cruel as a tiger.” illustrates the use of simile ; but the example ” he is the tiger of his town” shows the use of metaphor.


Personification is inanimate objects are treated as an animate, in simple words when we assume the things as human behavior that is called personified. Also we can say that nonliving things are depicted as living being. Examples are given below

  1. Death lays his icy hands on the king
  2. the moon veiled her face
  3. Flattery soothes the dull cold ear of death
  4. Can honor’s voice provoke the silent dust
  5. Love is blind.


Rhyme is a figure of speech belonging to sound devices in English literature. It occurs at the line endings in poetry and consists of words, which have the same sound; the letter preceding the vowels must be unlike in sound; for instance, “night” and “sight” are true rhymes; but ‘night’ and ‘knight’ or ‘right’ and ‘rite’ are not. If rhymes are used too much , the poem becomes monotonous.

Blank verse uses the rhyme in a balanced manner. There is no excessive use of rhymed verse as we find in heroic couplets.

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RBSE Classes by Avinash Modi Subscribe Now
RBSE Classes by Avinash Modi Subscribe Now