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This is the part 1 test having 45 questions from topic phonetics, please attempt this test and check your score now.

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Phonetics Test 1

1. phonetics is


2. 2. Phonlogy is The study of ——-systems of languages


3. how many sounds in english


4. how many sounds in english


5. vowel sounds in English


6. what are the two points by which pronounciation is studied


7. we produce sounds with the help of


8. what are the types of speech sounds in English


9. what are the types of vowels


10. Cardinal vowel scale was devised by


11. Phone means


12. Syllable means


13. Stress is carried on


14. Speech sounds are studied under


15. 44 sounds are groupped under


16. The IPA or monophthongs and dipthongs in IPA


17. The number of voiced and voiceless consonants in Sounds are


18. the number of vowel and consonant sounds are


19. How many branches of phonetics are


20. Transmission of speech sounds is called


21. Perception of speech sounds is called


22. How many centering dipthongs in IPA


23. How many plosive consonant sounds are there in IPA


24. how many pure vowels are there in English


25. how many dipthongs ar e


26. how many long vowels in 12 pure vowels


27. how many centering dipthongs are there in English


28. Closing dipthongs in English


29. How many typs of consonants are in English


30. Affricates are in English


31. Fricatives in English (Asked In REET 2.0)


32. Nasal sounds in English


33. Lateral sounds


34. Semi Vowels In English are


35. Number of pure vowel sounds and vowel glides sound are


36. Find the incorrect


37. Triphthong


38. A consonant sound is


39. Consonant sounds are in Ipa


40. Number of voiced consonants


41. A phoneme


42. a vowel sound is


43. the phonetics symbol helps to recognize the


44. Produce sounds with the help of


45. Monophthongs


46. consonant and dipthongs in IPA


47. Find the incorrect


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